New way of weight loss without dieting or chemicals

You should know that in 85% cases, dieting and exercising does not lead to weight loss

Nutrition Expert Dr Satyam Dwivedi, Dabur

Nowadays, people looking to lose weight have to endure diet, workout, pills or liposuction. Even then number of obese people is increasing and in reality, none of these methods is proving effective.
Introduction of natural weight loss remedies have changed the market. Although there are a few important points that must be kept in mind.

Dr Satyam Dwivedi

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What are the dangers of excess weight?

Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attack are leading causes of death in India due to excess weight. Every year, about 20 million people die due to these diseases.

At second place is diabetes which has assumed epidemic proportion in 2017. According to WHO, death due to diabetes have increased 52% in last 10 years.

A study done on Indian population has revealed that 97% of people dying at age below 50% had excess weight.

Excess weight due to metabolic disorders

We all know that some people remain slim and fit even though they can eat anything. Whereas, others stick to regular dieting and sports and even then gain weight. Recent studies have revealed that this anomaly is mainly due to difference in metabolism, mainly metabolic disorder, which affects people with excess weight.

Why most people fail to lose weight despite dieting?

Body gets lower number of calories during dieting which acts as an alarm for "starvation" for the body. Body activates its defense mechanism and starts preparing for "times of scarcity" - Our body has developed ways to survive starvation through thousands of years of human evolution, - Body starts storing as much fat as possible in times of dieting and sustains on fewer calories. People get lethargic and not able to accomplish anything. During this time, body also tries to preserve energy from food in the form of fat so that death can be avoided. This is actually defense mechanism of the body kicking in.

Why exercise is not effective in losing weight?

Allocation of energy derived from food:

  • Brain 20.40%
  • Hearth 7.30%
  • Liver 27.40%
  • Kidneys 7.60%
  • Other organs 26.90%
  • Muscles 10.40%

As you can clearly see, muscles use only a small portion of energy derived from food. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight through exercise, be ready to sweat out because muscles anyway need low share of total energy requirement of the body.
If this was not the case, we would not have been able to move after one day of dieting. We would not have any energy even to move. Although, the truth is that people can survive for many days without food. First 7 to 10 days of starvation does not affect health. "Guinness Book of World Records" has record of 102 days without food. This is the reason exercising does not lead to desired result in most of the cases.

Is there any solution?

Weight Control and Healthy Nutrition Association has done a lot of scientific research and has discovered a very effective remedy for losing excess weight which is available for general public!

It is called "Green Coffee" which are actually raw coffee beans. Active components of beans enter our body by eating, and affect fat deposits, normalize metabolic processes in our body and eliminate fat naturally.

What is "Green Coffee"?

Unroasted Green Coffee beans have micro nutrition elements which trigger fat burning process in the body. This effect is due to Chlorogenic acid present in these beans which has the ability to control blood sugar levels. (roasted beans have less of this substance). As Chlorogenic acid is a natural antioxidant, it has a transforming effect on your body. Green Coffee beans are also rich in chromium which reduces craving for sweets. Other compounds found in Green Coffee beans positively affect nervous system.

Besides,"Green Coffee" helps in storing glycogen which sends signal of "fullness" to the body, reducing appetite and craving for food.

"Green Coffee" is completely natural and activates natural processes in the human body. As fast metabolism leads to fat loss, you do not have to go on dieting. A balanced diet is sufficient to maintain high metabolism: You do not need to do physical exercise.

Main effects of "Green Coffee":
- Fat burning in intestines and stomach (subcutaneous)
- Normalization of metabolism and Endocrine system
- Lowering appetite during use

"Green Coffee" can lead to fat loss in places of excess fat by up to 500 grams per day! "Green Coffee" is also effective when excess weight is due to hormonal disorders. If you are looking for weight loss, this is the stuff you will need!

This product is relatively new in our country, it has been a favorite amongst ballet teachers, dancers and athletes wanting to lose weight quickly and keep fat levels low, and at the same time want to preserve stamina and endurance of the body.

Results after using "Green Coffee" for 47 days

Results after using "Green Coffee" for 19 days"

Results after using "Green Coffee" for 47 days

Expert opinion and Clinical studies

Shivam Dwivedi
Nutrition Expert

29 years of medical experience

"Most important thing to keep in mind while losing weight is to make sure you are not hurting your body. Unfortunately, it is not the case with most of the popular ways of losing weight. No diet is permanently sustainable and not everyone can endure it. Disappointed with lack of results, people start resorting to pills which start harming hormonal and immunes systems and functioning of the liver. Weight loss should be natural without affecting internal processes of the body. Today "Green Coffee" is the only product which ticks all boxes. It is the most effective way for losing fat by increasing metabolism and leads to minimum 10 fold increase in fat burning rate. I am confident that this is the most effective method modern science could have come up with. It is a certified product which can be fully trusted."

Clinical tests

97 volunteers suffering from excess weight regularly consumed "Green Coffee" for one month during a study protocol without changing their diet for one month. The effects were as under:

1. Fat loss by 12 to 15 kilos.
- 15 kilos weight loss - 95%
- 12 kilos weight loss - 100%
* In this reference, we consider stable result for 1 month fat loss as acceptable.

2. Good improvement in metabolic rate

3. Improvement in complexion and functioning of the body.

4. Improvement in liver and endocrine system.

It is proven that "Green Coffee" has a very positive effect on increasing the metabolism and fat loss. "Green Coffee" is recommended for people with people suffering from excess weight, metabolic disorders and diabetes.

Comparative examination of various slimming methods:

Comparison parameters Nutrition Exercise Liposuction "Green Coffee"
Active principle Due to deficiency of nutrition, body starts "digesting itself" as it has to maintain necessary glucose level for functioning of brain. Physical activity converts fat deposits into energy and takes water out of body. Mechanical extraction of fat from belly and other problematic areas under anesthetics corrects metabolism and body is able to get rid of extra weight naturally.
Effects on health Increased risk of Gastritis and ulcers, malfunctioning of metabolism, weakened immune system, even a common cold can become troublesome Risk of knee injury while walking on treadmill (in people with extra weight) and large scale positive effects Risk related to anesthesia, problems associated with surgery, cost of time taken for recovery, pain, use of antibiotic medicines Completely natural product, safe and full of active ingredients
Price Cost of purchase of health foods for several months Cost of Gym membership, sports apparel, shoes and time. Cost of surgery, pot-operative medicines Special Offer "Green Coffee" at half price.

How to get "Green Coffee" ?

After long consultations, a national program is underway to make "Green Coffee" available to masses. The purpose of this program is to make this product affordable to everyone irrespective of their income and give them a chance to lose weight.

The Indian equivalent of this product is called "Green Coffee" Half price!

Gift for a week from I was surprised to hear that "Green Coffee" at 50% discount you need to only register your name and phone number on official website of "Green Coffee" and wait for non-chargeable phone call for confirmation of your order.

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Nishi Kumari

I will definitely use this and will be back with good results. I am about to join college and want to start my life with a new figure. I was sick of boys calling me Fat in school. I will lose 10 kilos and will be queen of my class!

One hour ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Nishi, please make sure that you take only the prescribed dose, the product is very effective, and you may end up losing 20 instead of 10 kilos.

One hour ago
Soni Kumari

I have lost 31 kilos. I used to weight 94 kilos. Initially, it was very difficult journey with lots of ups and downs. It’s very difficult when you are large size and nobody supports you, but I lost all excess weight using "Green Coffee". I am in my retiring age and had never expected this kind of result in this age!

Friends, don’t listen to anyone, you can also try it. I was able to lose weight 3 months after pregnancy. You can do even better! I definitely recommend it, "Green Coffee" is the only product that helped me.

One hour ago
Latika Chawda

Unfortunately, I am not praising at this moment because I have started taking "Green Coffee" only a week ago. It is difficult to believe that I lost 3 kilos in first 7 days. Now I have lost 18 more kilos! I can do it! I will have to do it ")

One hour ago
Suman Kala

Hello, I have also used "Green Coffee" that too only last months. I lost only 4 kilos ((((

One hour ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Suman, I am sure you did not pay complete attention to the instructions for use of product. Please read them carefully and use it the correct way!

One hour ago
Lali Paliwal

Hello, "Green Coffee" has helped me in losing 41 kilos in 2 months. This has happened recently and till now everything is ok and weight is stable. See photo:

One hour ago
Sona Kumari

I was also successful in slimming. Best of luck to every one!

One hour ago
Shweta Purohit

I have lot of bones in my body, however after taking "Green Coffee" I have noticed many changes. I had never expected to lose anything close to 40 kilos (till now -37 kilos) in this age. Now I feel very good! This remedy is perfect for people like me! I will surely recommend everyone to try "Green Coffee"! My results are here:

One hour ago
Shobhan Khan

When I started taking "Green Coffee" my weight was 90 kilos. I was very young and was always slim. With age, came the fat layers around belly areas. Now I am 35 and I have realized that I have to get rid of fat. I went to gym regularly for one year but could not reach my old weight figure. Then I used "Green Coffee" and got my previous figure within a few weeks. Now I am taking care of my body. I always keep a few packages of "Green Coffee" with me, who knows when I might need them again.

One hour ago
Manav Gupta

I feel "Green Coffee" is really very good. I suffered a horrible accident a few years ago and was not able to even move for 8 months. I used to stay I bed and had put on 32 kilos! Gradually, I could walk with the help of stick and there was no way I could work out as I was still very weak. Extra weight was only making things worst. I tried "Green Coffee" for the first time because one of my friends had given me a sample for trying. She had lived in Italy and got it there. She had really liked it and had bought some packages with her. She gave me a package for one course. Personally, I was not expecting much from the product but decided to try it anyway. I used to take it half an hour before food. I could see the change within a week. I cannot say that I was losing weight but there was definitely a feeling that my body had become more active and my digestion had also improved. I could feel increase in my metabolism rate. I have lost 4 kilos in last 2 weeks without any change in my lifestyle! I lost 26 kilos in about 3 months. I am very happy with my figure and grateful to my friend who gave me "Green Coffee" from Italy. If I had not tried it, I would still have been weighing 89 kilos.

One hour ago
Madhulika Kayasth

If you want to lose weight quickly after pregnancy then you have to take action immediately. You have two options: You can run on treadmill for a few hours but I have heard that it’s not good for the knees. It’s like jumping rope with extra weight, it can injure your knees; Or you can also take "Green Coffee", like I did. It is very easy after pregnancy.

One hour ago
Lovely Kaur

Why don’t you stop eating yourself? I can understand for kids, they eat only when they are told to. But after growing up … Why can’t you control yourself and avoid overeating.

One hour ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Lovely, I must inform you that there are people who keep gaining weight due to genetic reasons and no diet or pills work for them. If you feel that you will not gain weight, good for your! But I must tell you that that not everyone is as lucky as you.

One hour ago
Poorvi Konkan

Lovely, I really don’t eat anything, but it’s not having any effect. My weight is still not reducing.

One hour ago
Abhilasha Kumari

I was surprised to know that "Green Coffee" is only known to nutrition experts. Although, I have managed to lose about 30 kilos using "Green Coffee". It is a very good product. Normally, I don’t only avoid eating cake, I eat what I like. If I like potato, I will eat it. Pictures of before and after.

One hour ago
Rohini Gaur

How can everyone get ideal weight? Why should everyone slim down? I weight 79 kilos and my height is average. I feel good for myself. I like the way I look and feel good about myself.

One hour ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Rohini, in 21st century, girls do take strict measure to look like models. These torturous methods really affect their health. Therefore, we have created a product that can make you slim without any harmful effects.

One hour ago
Mohika Rawat

Friends! I need to lose 9 kilos!!!!!! I was at home for six month and therefore gained weight. Please help me!!! I cannot diet and do not have confidence to do it. I have been eating much more than I used to and hate going to gym and have become very lazy and boring..........

57 minutes ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Mohika, being lazy isn’t a symptom but you are lucky that "Green Coffee" is the remedy you need.

55 minutes back
Roshni Dubey

Is official website of manufacturer the only place where you can buy "Green Coffee"? Is it available in our country in other places where they are sold in online stores?

52 minutes ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Roshni, it’s very sad. Pharmaceutical companies are trying to loot people, while are trying to help people solve their health problems. Chemists refuse to sell it without hefty profits and we are forced to sell it online so we can maintain reasonable price.

55 minutes ago
Babu Lal

My wife is struggling to lose weight. At the time of our marriage, she was only 53 kilos but now she weighs about 68 kilos. And the worst part is, she doesn’t see any problem in this. You are right, people get used to their new weight, and they feel it’s the new normal.

50 minutes ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Babu, if it is really a problem for you, then you can suggest her Green Coffee. Once she starts consuming it, she will be shocked to discover how easily and quickly she can lose weight. Besides, Green Coffee also reduces craving for sweets.

48 minutes ago
Shweta Mishra
And if really works, then nothing like it. Although it looks difficult for me. I trust pills more than the coffee. If it can help my figure, I will try it and order it.
45 minutes ago
Sawina Kumari
I have been taking "Green Coffee" for quite some time now. I was used to being obese, but now that phase is gone. I can now eat anything but still remain slim. As soon as I start gaining weight, I just do a course of this drink to get slim again.

39 minutes ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Savina, I suggest that you follow the complete course which would help you stay slim for a longer time. Try to eat balanced diet during the course.

36 minutes ago
Tanika Kaur

I weigh 97 kilos. I don’t know how to get rid of excess weight. I don’t want to reach 100 kilo figure. What can I do???? Please help me!!!!! Can I buy Green Coffee in the pharmacy????

35 minutes ago
Pooja Kumari

Tanika, do try this and see what you can get, although so far I have only seen it on official website of manufacturer. This is more trustworthy. Besides, you get big discounts on Green Coffee in official website.

31 minutes ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Tanika, do not worry, it will all be fine. Now unfortunately, "Green Coffee" is not available in pharmacies for the reasons described above. Now order "Green Coffee" as per instructions and if you want desirable figure, take it in quantities as instructed.

30 minutes ago
Rasik Jauhri

Hello! I am the mother of two and as long as I can remember, I have been trying to lose weight. I have also tried dieting, but it’s not meant for me. I can sustain dieting only for a few days, then it’s impossible for me to control myself and I start overeating. I do not have time for sports either. This article looks very promising. I do not know how to take Green Coffee (Is it taken alone or you have to take it with food). Is this information available in instructions manual? Or does anyone have any other information? What happens if I stop drinking it? Is it going to cause any harmful effects? Can you answer my questions or tell me where I can get all this information.

29 minutes ago
Sonam Pujari

Hello! I am 50 years old and want to shed weight. I knew that it is difficult to lose weight in this age but I am very stubborn. I decided to take "Green Coffee" and ordered it. I can see very good effects within a few weeks and I could reduce 16 kilos!!! Meanwhile, I also tried proper diet and gym etc but results are very good even without them. Thank you for the article. I would recommend to order "Green Coffee" only from official website.

27 minutes ago
Pragya Mishra

I am glad I found this article. I had almost given up on slimming. I've started taking "Green Coffee" only a few weeks ago and already lost 3 kilos. I have not changed my lifestyle and I am eating what I am used to, just in lesser quantities. My appetite has also reduced and now do not always munch on anything. I do not know who has brought this miraculous remedy, but he deserves many thanks for this.

24 minutes ago
Aarti Soni

It’s an incredible feeling when you want to achieve something very badly but it’s almost impossible to achieve. And when you are finally able to achieve it, you feel like a miracle has happened. I have managed to lose 10 kilos without any change in my lifestyle. My friends are shocked and think I am on a strict diet and worried about me. I have not told anything to anyone, let them be in suspense ))))

20 minutes ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Aarti, don’t mention it. What matters to us is good health of our people.

17 minutes ago
Mamta Trivedi

Friends, please tell me where you got it? Chemists don’t sell it. I am worried about getting fake products.

10 minutes ago
Dr Satyam Dwivedi

Let me repeat again "Green Coffee" can only be ordered from official website of the manufacturer. If you want to order, then just click "Manufacturer's website" button below! Our readers will get a special discount as per our agreement with the manufacturer although this offer will not last forever. Place your order now!
Beware of fake products.

7 minutes ago
Kumari Sonika
Great, I have lost excess weight only in 2 weeks. Not only it works great, I liked the discount too.
1 minute ago

Official website Know the details of half price offer on "Green Coffee"

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Sohan Pujari
Dr Satyam Dwivedi
Hello -
Sohan Pujari
Hello, Dr Dwivedi! Do you think I can reduce excess weight usingGreen Coffee ?
Dr Satyam Dwivedi
How old are you Sohan?
Sohan Pujari
Dr Satyam Dwivedi
You want to reduce 17 kilos, right? How fast?
Sohan Pujari
Yes, 17 kilos, let’s say in one and a half months